DIY She-Hulk Shoes

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My love for She-Hulk knows no bounds, but there isn’t a lot of She-Hulk merchandise out there.  My solution is to make my own.  Here’s how you can make your own pair of She-Hulk shoes too.


Step 1:

Place reference image on cutting mat and tape.  I used the She-Hulk logo found here and googled “She-Hulk stencil” settling on a stencil by Miss Scarlet found here.  Place contact paper on top of image.  Tape over the reference image.


Step 2:

Using an X-acto knife, cut out the negative image (all the black in the She-Hulk image and the green and pink in the logo image).


Step 3:

Peal off the backing off the contact paper and place the stenciled contact paper on the shoe.  Press and rub.  Disclaimer: the contact paper does not stick super well to the shoe.  I used a hair dryer to lightly increase the stickiness and paid attention to the intricate areas.


Step 4:

Paint using a sponge brush.  I find that it works best to blot the paint on and if it is necessary to use a brushing stroke, brush from the outside of the image starting on the contact paper going in towards the center.  Multiple coats may be necessary and should be applied according to the directions on your fabric paint.  I painted two coats on mine.

Step 5:

Remove contact paper.  Since the contact paper was having trouble staying stuck, I removed it after I painted the second coat.


Step 6:

Seal by spraying a lacquer sealant.  I waited 72 to make sure that the paint was fully cured.



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