Whole Life Challenge

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For the last 8 weeks I’ve been participating in the Whole Life Challenge with the Nrdfit crew.  The Whole Life Challenge consisted of cutting out processed foods, sugars, starches, and grains.  As well as exercising, stretching, and reflecting.  While I found some aspects of the challenge restrictive and frustrating, on the whole it has been a positive experience.


Today we closed out the challenge by repeating the benchmark workout we did on day one.  I improved by 20 reps!  I also lost 2 1/2 inches off my waist and 1 inch off my hips.  I weighed myself on day one, but think I’m going to completely walk away from using the scale to access my body.  Consequently, I do not know my weight change.


And then we celebrated with S’moresTrooper cupcakes (recipe via JustJennRecipes).  

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