DIY Allons-y Pillow

0 Posted by - March 19, 2014 - DIY


Allons-y, to my bed. Freezer paper stencils are my favorite craft and I’ve been wanting to make an allons-y pillow for awhile.   I printed out “allons-y” using American Typewriter Condensed font in size 550.  This required four sheets of paper, pieced together after printing.  You can stencil directly onto a pre-made pillow, however I made my own by cutting out two 15 in x 30 in pieces of muslim.  Stencil the image on one piece and let fully dry.  Place the two pieces, right sides together, meaning the stenciled side is face down on the blank piece of fabric.  Sew around the edge, but leave  a small opening at one end.  Turn pillow right side out.  Stuff with stuffing.  Hand stitch the opening closed.

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