Tatted Lace

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First off, let’s just take a minute to revel in how beautiful my sister Cheryl looked for her wedding preception.  She and her fiancé Page are getting married in September in India while on a medical volunteer trip and so we had a pre-wedding celebration in a park in Seattle.

Many years ago, when I was 16, my gramma taught me how to tat.  What’s tatting?  It’s a form of lace making that involves using a shuttle to create slip knots and loops in thread.  My favorite pieces to tat are edgings for my sisters’ wedding dresses and nieces’ blessing dresses.  Cheryl wanted lace for the slip of her wedding dress.


Here’s the lace in progress.  We chose a fairly simple pattern, so that the lace would be subtle.


Here’s what 95 inches of handmade lace looks like.  I’m not gonna lie, I was jumping up and down when it finally measured out to 95 inches.


While stitching the lace onto the slip, I actually sewed my finger to the lace.


While our gramma passed away six years ago, it’s nice to have a piece of her legacy with us as we celebrated Cheryl’s wedding.


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