DIY Cyclops Workout Tank

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I love Cyclops. There. I said it. He’s my favorite X-men. If you love Cyclops too, then this DIY if for you.

I started by using this Cyclops image as my guide. Trace the image onto freezer paper.  Tape the freezer paper to a cutting mat and cut out using an x-acto knife. Keep all the pieces together as this is a two part stencil, so you will need them to create both positive and negative space. Iron the stencil for the yellow portion onto the shirt, shiny side down.  Make sure you place cardboard or paper in the shirt to prevent the paint from seeping onto the back.  Then using a sponge brush and yellow fabric paint, stencil in the exposed area.  Let dry overnight.


Remove freezer paper.



Now, mask the yellow painted area using the previously cut out freezer paper, shiny side down, and ironing it onto the shirt.  This part can be tricky. Just try to line it up as exactly as possible.


Paint in the red portion and let dry fully before removing the freezer paper.


And you’re done. Now, to the Danger Room!




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  • Mike Sweetman December 13, 2014 - 12:03 am Reply

    I’m going to make a family set of these! Thanks for sharing, and keep up the good work!

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