Bitch Planet Non-Compliant Shirt DIY

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My roommate Chrissy (@chrissypedia) is my favorite Non-Compliant.  She doesn't hold back, tells it like it is, and still is one of the nicest, most likable people I know.  Clearly she'd rule Bitch Planet.  And so it seemed fitting that she needed a Non-Compliant shirt.

This is for Non-Compliants everywhere! I’m totally in love with Bitch Planet, the name, the story, the art!  In love.  This new book about women kicking ass in a sci-fi prison is brought to us by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro.  Issue #1 debuted in December and issue #2 is out today.  Make this shirt and buy the comic.  Non-Compliants Unite!

Materials needed:

Freezer Paper

X-acto Knife or Silhouette Cutting Machine

Black Fabric Paint

Shirt of Choice

Cardboard or Foil

Sponge Brush

Cutting Board (X-acto Knife Process Only)

Tape (X-acto Knife Process Only)



I used my Silhouette Cutting Machine to make a freezer paper stencil.  It’s so fast and easy!  Upload this image into the software, designate the cut lines, and hit cut.  When making freezer paper stencils with the Silhouette, I find it’s easier to cut them out with shiny side of the freezer paper up. This image is designed to be cut with the shiny side of the freezer paper up.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 4.07.07 PM



If you’re using an x-acto knife, print out the Non-Compliant image.  Then tape a piece of freezer paper, shiny side up, to the cutting board.  Place the Non-Compliant image on top of the freezer paper and tape to cutting board.  Using the x-acto knife, cut out the image by cutting along the red lines.


Directions are the same going forward for both the Silhouette and x-acto knife processes.

.  IMG_1667

After cutting out the image (either method), iron the freezer paper stencil onto the shirt using a hot iron with NO STEAM.  Make sure to carefully iron the cut edges.  This will seal the iron on and prevent paint from leaking.

Place cardboard or foil inside the shirt to prevents the paint from seeping through the shirt and onto the back side.


Begin painting by placing the sponge brush on the stencil.  Brush the paint in towards the center.  This helps to keep the stencil line crisp and prevents bleed through.



Once the outer edge is covered, paint the inside area. I used two coats of paint.



Let the paint fully dry, about one hour, before removing the freezer paper stencil.  Check the directions on the fabric paint you’re using.  Some paints require the use of a hot iron to set the paint.



And now you’re one hot Non-Compliant!  Wear it with pride, my friends.


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