Happy Father’s Day, Daddio!

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Thank you…

  • for magic carpet rides
  • for reading The Hobbit to us on the roof of the house
  • for always being encouraging
  • for not letting on that you knew I was cracking the door of my room every night to sneakily watch Star Trek: TNG reruns with you and Mom
  • for helping me with my science projects
  • for fighting for our country
  • for teaching me that magic is real
  • for chatting extensively about Deja Thoris’ lack of a belly button
  • for the Great Counter Spinning Contest of 1991
  • for sharing your love of action figures and original art
  • for all the evening walks
  • for convincing me that Nero Wolf really was a wolf
  • for teaching me right from wrong
  • for Mad Movie nights
  • for being the BEST DAD EVER!




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